What are the Best Brew Kit?

The Christmas season is fast approaching and the time for pomebrewing has come once again. Brewing is one of those things that provides a great way for your family and friends to spend time together and enjoy the good ol Xmas season.

I suggest this year to try brewing your own beer and not spending so much money on the holiday booze. It can add up pretty fast and when you have 5-6 guests over drinking every day plus maybe an alcoholic cousin or two you’re going to be spending a lot.

Brew Your Own Brews

It’s really not that hard once you get into the hang of it. Brewing takes patience and some quality hops, grains and a good propane burner. That’s about it, spending the time and energy required to start your own brewing setup is actually not too difficult. I would however recommend getting a quality brew kit to save yourself the time and trouble of picking out all the ingredients one by one.

This is usually a recipe for disaster. You will end up using the wrong ingredients and cooking the grains for too long. Bad idea!

Instead, spend the money on a kit that is already built out and don’t worry about any of the details. I’m not sure which kit to recommend as I haven’t tried that many of them but definitely take a look and see which one works for you.

Final Thoughts on Brewing

Brewing is a great way to spend time with friends, family and a lot of other loved ones. The fact is people have been home brewing for thousands of years and they aren’t going to stop anytime soon. It’s one of the best ways to enjoy a healthy drink after dinner.


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